Tailor-made evaluation and voucher solutions for banks

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GetLeedz for mobile devices Optimizing and is clearly no app

Your customer scans the Super QR Code, rated His Smartphone questions and recommend your business on a acquaintances and friends! It provides a simple dashboard Can I customize your online review campaign at any time, extend or control. GetLeedz provides automatic response to customer reviews Due to the absence of notes containing important information for incoming messages when you are unavailable. For ANY rating I immediately notified automatically. Optionally you can integrate other public review sites, so that the customer TripAdvisor, Facebook Review Google a-Can reviews for your business with a single click on rating sites or how. GetLeedz Supports over 100 review sites.

The bridge to public review sites

GetLeedz Supports over 100 review sites

It helps me to be successful, BY let shine your way through reviews and you win new customers with innovative solutions. is a GetLeedz online platform for creating assessment surveys with an interface to the public evaluation platforms. As the world's most trustworthy evaluation solution, it is preferably used by teachers, trainers, educational institutions and businesses. Book today your campaign!


Annual subscription charge

Number of GetVote review campaigns

Win campaign as a booster

Number of plugins
Dashboard access - edit data yourself
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more. integration
Review sites include (TripAdvisor, Google, yelp, Facebook Review)
Unlock review sites iframe widget (GetVote, Google)
Unlock GetVote iFrame widget
Own app iTunes, integration GOOGLE PLAY
Link to the online appointment booking tool
Publish on getvote.io
VAT. 7.7%
Total per year


Roll-up 85x200cm incl. layout

FLYER DINlang (105X210MM)
VAT. 7.7%
Once total costs


How does it work?

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